alexina paiement

About me

I’m a Creative Designer in Montreal, QC that specializes in providing strategic, beautiful graphic and web design solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

I fell in love with the arts as a kid, playing around on the family computer with Microsoft Paint and art projects at home and at school, as well as dancing and acting classes. I loved exploring colours, shapes and type, conveying messages through movement or space, and visual harmony. After high school I went off to John Abbott College, then Concordia University, where I continued exploring the world of digital design in more depth. That’s where I honed my skills and dedicated my studies to absorbing as much as I could about the vastly different worlds of digital media, including print, web design, branding, art direction, and a little bit of illustration and animation.

After “art school”, I spent about five years trying my hand at various studios and agencies. First was the graphic design for local newspapers phase, and then I went off to South Korea for two years where I absorbed and learned Asian art and freelanced on the side after my teaching job. After coming back home I dipped my toe in web and email design, then marketing and web design for over a year.

Throughout this journey, I have gathered invaluable information for creating engaging projects that align better to the ideas and the people that I work with, in order to create something outstanding. Marketing, content and design combine seamlessly.

Present day has me working from the outskirts of Montreal in that delicate realm of urban-not-urban, creating passionate, engaging and stunning custom designs to launch businesses and products.

I am bilingual (French and English queen), like to play MMO’s and sing karaoke, and reading and writing.


  • Creative thinking
  • Communication
  • Typography
  • Web design (HTML/CSS)
  • WordPress
  • Print design & layout
  • Project management
  • Social media marketing
  • Bilingual (French/English)
alexina paiement

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