10 Creative resolutions I’m making this year

After the toil and craze of the holidays, which were not very relaxing at all as I had to juggle my daytime job and parties every evening in the family (not even kidding: 24th was my boyfriend’s family dinner, 25th was my family dinner minus middle sister, brother-in-law and their kids, 26th was my grandfather’s lunch, 27th was a family friend’s engagement party, 28th was my family dinner minus oldest sister and her boyfriend, 29th was my dad’s family dinner, 30th was my mom’s family dinner…. it never ended!), I’ve decided to make some creative resolutions for next year so I can become a better designer and make better work.

These are some of my own personal goals for the next 12 months. Kick my butt if I don’t keep at it.

1. Learn my medium well

I don’t want to be the type of person that blames others or her own tools for what I can’t do.

2. Learn from people who are better than me

Surrounding myself with people who can inspire me is sure to lead me to learn heaps from them.

3. Make mistakes

I learned long ago that making mistakes was one of the best ways to learn.

4. Write, blog and share more

I’ve already started sharing more on my social accounts, but I’m sorely lacking in the blogging department, which is especially sad because I used to religiously write each day in an online journal.

5. Show off my work like it’s no one’s business

Ooooh yeah! Trying to do that more nowadays!

6. Eliminate the 20% of what causes 80% of my headaches

Working on that. Soon enough I’m going to make a bold move and it might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Besides living abroad.

7. Proofread, proofread, proofread

Okay, this is pretty much something that’s ingrained in me. Typos scream out at me from a page, so I should just continue being diligent with this one. Shouldn’t be a problem!

8. Learn to say NO!

I need to learn to say no to family projects. They tend to be a little painful and I need less headaches in my life.

9. Stop blindly following design trends

I’ve used elements in the past that were just trendy. I was even considering using the new Pantone colours of the year for my website redesign, just because it seemed like the thing to do to stay on top. Nope. Not me. I don’t even like pastel colours!

10. Balance my time for social media

I need to set myself a schedule to keep for the new year. Hootsuite is helping, but I need to stop just sharing and actually communicate by myself, too!


I’m not technically a fan of New Year’s resolutions, usually, but I find this time that it’s important to improve myself as a person and as a designer, especially as I’m planning a big, bold move in my life this year. That said, Happy New Year to all!

What are your creative resolutions for the year 2016? Let me know in the comments!