Are we talking about my portfolio or my life situation? Erm… both!

Right. For some months now I’ve been gnawing my fingers and wringing my hands wondering Will I get it? Won’t I? What do I do? Someone please hold me, I don’t know anymore. I began applying to Korea in mid-2011, while I was still working for my then-employer. I felt a bit jaded, wondered whether I really liked designing anymore, etc. On top of that I was feeling a bit as if my life was passing me by without me truly enjoying it like I should. Needless to say, I was in a rather dark place and felt that maybe a change of pace would help and let me blossom like I wanted.

This was around the time that my domain was coming up for renewal. Not really knowing where I’d be in a few months, I thought, Oh well, it’s my portfolio and I might work on it even if I do end up going to Korea. All right, no problem. I renewed, then began gnawing my fingers to the quick again, and ended up not doing much on my portfolio for all that time. I knew I wanted to revamp – it needed a rehaul – but I was in a state of… paralysis, I guess you could say.

Fast-forward to the end of 2011, I got my contract – for Korea! Yay!

I’m not that great at coding PHP (wait, a web designer who can’t code PHP?! These things do happen… some of us prefer XHTML/CSS to the dangerous world of back-end coding), but seeing as I absolutely love WordPress, I figured I should look for a good template to showcase my work. I mean I can tweak the basic Twenty-Ten/Twenty-Eleven template without much problem, but… slides? A portfolio section separate from posts? Oh dear, I’ll leave that to the pros. I ain’t that glorious. So, hunting for the perfect template began, and man, is the world of WordPress templates a maze. But! Here goes, I’m done, woohoo, and this is my first blog entry. Can we have a whoop!?

And now, for my life situation: I’m still waiting on my E-2 visa from the Korean consulate, but I’m picking it up there next week. Which means… yup, I’m moving away. In mid-February. And that does mean that my design career is at a bit of a hiatus. This, however, does not mean that I’m giving up on it, or that I won’t be popping in with personal (or maybe client?) projects from time to time. I’ve actually got a fairly big project coming up that I’ve been tweaking with and which I’m absolutely stoked about, but that’ll have to come after I’m in Korea.

In any case, I’m pretty sure I’ve now uploaded all the portfolio pieces I wanted to post here, so… ta-dah! My beautiful new portfolio! Cheers!