I had some fun drawing these creative month headers for my kiddies during winter camp a couple of weeks ago to get them excited about learning the months. I actually spent maybe… six hours on them in total? Those markers were cheap!

So why did I break my back doing these, and how did I use them in my lessons? Well, before camp started I was assigned the generic theme of “calendars” for my lessons. I planned a lot of lessons with the month headers but finally decided on a simple minimal-planning (on my part, considering I’d already broken my back making the headers) one: the kids would write their names, birthdays and ages on Post-Its, and then return them to me. I handed them back randomly, and they had to search for the post-it’s owner. And then we reinforced with a verbal “interview”. I asked them their names, and they also had to tell me their birthdays. Then they had to glue their Post-Its on the correct month.

I used the month headers in a follow-up lesson on seasons, too. Basically, I wrote the names of the four seasons on pieces of paper that I stuck to four different corners, then used the month headers as flashcards. The kids had to “run” to the appropriate season. Simple and fun!

Anyway, I will take individual shots and put them into the portfolio when I’m not at school 😉