When I was young I had many recurring dreams that felt so real I sometimes had difficulty differentiating between make-believe and reality. I actually had the ability to sometimes return to those dreams, at will, at night or on occasion in daydreams, in an attempt to better the outcome or better understand what they were trying to tell me.

My favourite dream, and possibly the one that marked me the most, went a bit like this: I’m jumping on a trampoline with a certain sense of purpose and urgency. It’s like I feel a pull within me to do something as I’m having fun just jumping along. A backflip later, I dig in more into the dark mesh of the trampoline and feel myself soaring higher and higher with every incredible push, and then… suddenly I’m actually soaring, actually flying (!)

There’s such freedom in this lightness, you know. And as I look up I see more people like me, transported up into the air and mesmerized by their newfound power. There is purpose to this, too. Some are soaring down, into uncertainty, helping others that never see them. Because no one ever looks up, you see… That’s what I gathered at the time.

Sometimes I wish I could return to that dream, like so often before, to get lost again in the sense of accomplishment and the weightlessness. But I guess that time is past. I dreamed this dream when I most needed a lift up, and now I’m safe. That’s what I tell myself.

I’ve always thought that dreams exist to allow us to make sense of our living world through an interesting array of things that often don’t make any sense at all, at least at first. Take that trampoline angel one, for example. I was taking trampoline lessons at the time. I loved it. I was good at it. But I was in an unhappy place in my life. In fact I felt pretty damn invisible everywhere I went. That dream, though, taught me that I didn’t need to care, that I should still function, because though I wasn’t seen, I was still important. And I wasn’t alone. That, alone, was a powerful catalyst for me. And I believe that’s why I was able to revisit that dream so often: I needed the reminder, and I needed its message of strength.