Okay, so I’m not THE biggest geek ever out there, but once upon a time I was a huge Harry Potter fan. Seriously. You could ask me anything about the books and I was a walking wikipedia. You could argue that Ron would ultimately betray Harry or that he didn’t deserve Hermione, and I’d come right back at you with a dissertation worthy of a university degree. I speculated like the best of them. So there, that’s my biggest geekery for you.

Well, I still have a soft spot for Hanson, but that’s another story.

When I got to my new apartment and its sadly empty walls and lack of warmth and homeliness, I decided to add some artsy geekness to them. But being that I’m not just a geek, but also very much love good, different design, I scoured the internet looking for interesting posters that I could stick to my walls. Or, as it were, pin to my walls.

Thus, here is what my main wall looks like now:

Star Wars and Harry Potter both take pride of place above my bed. I’ve already explained the Harry Potter craze. Star Wars is a different story. When I was a teenager, working one of my first real jobs at a grocery store, I’d come back home after work at 10pm and stare at the skies just watching the stars, and imagining stories up there. So Star Wars also has a special spot in my heart.

I have a thing for superheroes, looks like!

Totoro, also above my bed! Also, those are prints I bought in Japan.