Still teaching English in South Korea. It’s still a grand journey. I’ve got four months left, though I do want to renew — but that decision is not mine to make, unfortunately. I haven’t really been bit by the artistic bug since I came out here, but something extraordinary happened this week while I introduced my students to Halloween and Hocus Pocus: I drew!

What started it all. While playing a bingo game with my younger students, I decided to pass time while they worked out the letters by drawing the images for the words so they could associate the two together. What resulted were very rushed drawings, but they did enjoy it!

The following were drawn while watching Hocus Pocus. I got bored after watching the beginning for the eighth time…


Halloween rocks! 🙂

Also, when I tell myself I’m a terrible drawer, I’ll look back at these. They really don’t look so bad, no?