How to get your Divi blog page to display correctly

It seems to not be rare that someone using the Divi theme (like myself) from Elegant Themes runs into this problem and can’t solve it easily: their Divi blog page doesn’t show up like they designed it. If you’ve been using WordPress for a while now, you’ll know that for WordPress to understand what your front page and your blog page are, you need to manually set this up in Settings > Reading. Well, the problem is, this doesn’t really play well with the Divi theme. I experienced it recently while trying to make some changes to my blog page, and caused a little fiasco that ended up showing a title but no posts. It was horrid. I hated it. I wanted to kill Divi (not really but you know).

But in the end, there’s a simple enough fix for this issue. Rejoice!

1. The Divi builder

divi blog page

Click Pages, and select or create your blog page using the blog module from Divi’s page builder tool. Set it up how you want, then go to your Settings and choose the Reading tab.

divi blog page


Nope! You actually don’t want to select a Posts page. For some reason Divi doesn’t like WordPress’s settings or vice versa, because while your title in your page will show up, your blog posts won’t, and so you need to leave your Posts page selection blank. Nothing to see there!

And presto, your blog page will show up with all the posts visible. No coding even required. Yay!