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Colour marketing, or how brands play with your mind

The advertising and marketing industries have long recognized that colour marketing play an integral role in influencing our perception of brands.

Being the best brand to beat on the block

Anyone can helm a business, but for a brand to constantly innovate and excel, a good entrepreneur needs to intervene directly into the makings of that brand, whether it be the experience, the look or the feel of it as a whole. Here is how a brand can easily become the best brand to beat on the block.

5 alarming reasons banner ads are dying

The banner ad is 22 years old, with a very flamboyant and dare-I-say eye-cancering beginning. I remember surfing the internet in the late 1990's with a good average of around 10 popups on each page. It was the trend, and as it was new marketers grabbed at the banner...

Why a CTA (call-to-action) matters

In web design, a call-to-action usually comes in the form of a button, a banner, or another type of graphic or text that prompts a user to do something in order to enter a conversion funnel (the journey a consumer takes to navigate an internet ad, a search engine, or an e-commerce website in order to convert this journey to a sale). These call-to-actions actively aim to convert a visitor into a lead and then, definitely, into a customer/consumer. All the clicks generated by those call-to-actions are then compiled to measure the success of its click-through rate (CTR). S

The shocking power of social media

If you have a following of some size, then you do have power. And it’s great to hold that power, to be able to interact with people and share what you’re up to.

How to become a designer: my story

When I was younger my mother made sure art was part of my life very early on. My parents were dancers and liked to tell people that they were pregnant with me during an advanced ballroom dancing examination. My older sisters danced and likewise I ended up dancing as...

Danger: 7 website redesign mistakes that will cost you

You want a website redesign, and that usually means updating the look of your website so it can reflect a new colour scheme or a logo update that’s been newly implemented. This is all fine and dandy, but it can lead to a series of redesign mistakes that will cost you users if they are not remedied.

It’s 2018! How to update your footer!

It’s time to update your footer! Check out these two options to automatically update your website’s copyright year either browser-side with Javascript or server-side with PHP. Goodbye, the hassle of manually updating!

The 4 vital website elements that entice visitors

Despite the fact that every designer has different criteria and plan of action when it comes to building a website for a client, there are similarities that can't and shouldn't be avoided. These are a few of the key website elements that every respectable website...

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