GabrielOnline, a small in-house agency for a large automotive dealership group, wanted to eliminate the barrier between clients (dealers) and agency. They had communicational and organizational growing pains, as well as deadline issues where clients often requested work to be started and completed on the due date. The agency also wanted to humanize and position its staff as experts in their field, as well as instill a stricter workflow to incentivize clients to brief the team on projects in a timelier manner. In short, the challenge was to position the agency as a professional one that runs smoothly. No more surprises.

Moreover, they had a wasted opportunity to showcase these values and their work in a website that sat for 5 years in a coming-soon phase with no actual plans to utilize it in the future. It was time to capitalize on prime real estate for building their brand and their reputation as experts in their field.

As a way to organize the agency and facilitate client/team collaboration, and to deliver top-notch content, GabrielOnline decided to move to a SaaS (software as a service) marketing tool called CoSchedule. This new tool would facilitate team task transparency and communication between departments. In order to introduce the team at last, I created an intranet website to introduce their services, their workflow, and a request form.


  • User experience (UX) design
  • Web design


Mazda St-Laurent

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