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Uglies book covers

Uglies, by author Scott Westerfeld, is about a girl in a “future universe” where the current world population destroyed themselves and each other in greed, avarice, etc. The new reality is a world where people belong to different “castes” in society. Young children always start out as “uglies”. After a certain age these kids are given a surgery that makes them “pretty”, and creates “lesions” that essentially make them forget any worry in the world. “Specials” are “pretties” with an edge: they’re aware of much of what’s “out there” and are able to think fairly freely, since they are somewhat like the pretties’ police and are supposed to report any suspicious activity. “Extras”, on the other hand, are people obsessed with fame, in a changed world: surgery is no longer imposed, but rather now a badge of honour. I found this series fascinating, and rather a portrait, or even critique, of what might become of our own world that is even now obsessed with perfection. What if this series tells of our very own near or far future?

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