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Youtube thumbnails

Here is a collection of youtube thumbnails for my and other people’s videos to showcase what the videos are about in a fun, modern and intuitive way. I started making youtube thumbnails when I wanted to start creating streaming videos more frequently. I didn’t have Photoshop installed on my home computer yet and began using Canva to create these pretty much on the fly. The result is quite professional and polished nevertheless!

The Legion Assaults Highmountain
our tank is high af
heroic nighthold first timers
New shaman follower questline
Karazhan Nightbane run
pet battle struggles
taffy sickles
Kick all the bads!
two world bosses, let's get phat lootz?
Pandaria Timewalking
streaming begins
see the red cracks, that's my cracks
thwarting the legion, killing pets (i'm sorry)
to the death!

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