Back to the Future Today

I still remember the first time I watched the first Back to the Future… I definitely watched it over and over again, just enjoying every moment of it. Time travel has always been a little passion to me, which explains why I got into time travel novels a little later on. The prospect of being able to go forwards or backwards in time is fascinating to me. I end up wondering if I would be a different person were I to have lived in the past. I end up wondering how much the world will have changed in the future. The Back to the Future franchise cleverly played will those questions and weaved stories that touched a generation (and I’m definitely going to show them to my kids when I have some), so much so that people still, to this day, hold the trilogy quite close to their hearts.

With that said… it’s Back to the Future day! Yup yup, October 26th is the day the trilogy has made famous. So let’s look at some fanart that’s been made in the… past.










So. Which Back to the Future poster is your favourite, and why?