A website redesign… again!

I’ve done a complete website redesign a few times on my own website over the last 10 years. From pure HTML/CSS in the early 2000’s during my college years, all the way to WordPress in the 2010’s, I’ve experimented and iterated to create designs that were uniquely “me”. Each time, I push myself to use the opportunity to apply new skills and reflect on what I’ve learned.

This year, I decided to build a little on last year’s iteration with small changes, as I was happy enough with the design and content but just wanted a more sober colour scheme to calm things down a bit. The last colour scheme was vibrant, a reminiscence of my time in South Korea with the kpop and the lively night life. Now, I’m a more mature woman with business a little more in mind. Mind you, though, the vibrant colours are still there, but they aren’t in your face anymore because I’m now using them for secondary elements.

Overall, I didn’t hate the previous look. However, I wanted to project my maturity by tamping down the huge, vibrant colour splashes.

Here’s a little look into what my website redesign entailed this year:

  • A logo colour change, because I was advised by some that they had trouble seeing the lime green well enough (it was too light on paper, and too neon on screen). Older eyes have more trouble with that colour. Considering I have my own vision issues (astigmatism and a bit of hypermetropy), I listened!
  • The homepage splash image is darker / more sober, and contains all the information about what I do above the fold instead of below.
  • A font change: I previously only used Raleway for everything from headers to paragraphs. The font is pretty enough, but I realised with a step back that it is not so easy to read in large paragraphs. Now, I use Poppins for headers and Roboto for paragraphs. I like that Poppins is a sans-serif font that nevertheless has a very unique look about it that’s reminiscent of serif fonts.


  • I fixed header text sizing issues, especially on smaller screens.

      I completely overhauled my website a few years ago so I could use it as a much better marketing tool for my budding freelancing business. It was a lot of work. That’s why this time I made my life a bit easier by choosing to only build and iterate on top of my existing website, which I was happy enough with, but wanted it to look more professional. Let me know what you think of my website’s (slightly) new look in the comments below!