Why I use the Divi theme to build websites for my clients

Divi is the flagship page builder by Elegant Themes. It had very humble beginnings, with basic features that nevertheless were powerful for the time. Nowadays, though, it’s a powerhouse, packed with endless settings and customization options that allow you to build a website however you may want it to look. And I’ve thrown in my hat, favouring the Divi theme over other themes as I build websites for myself and for my clients.

Designing a website is no easy task, but it is an investment in the long run that, if well-built, will attract potential customers straight to your business. It can be a bit daunting to design your own website, granted, but fortunately Divi can help you hit the ground running with just a few simple clicks (although a professional web designer, while costlier than the DIY route, will research the market, design a unique-looking website that stands out from the competition, and test on various devices to ensure it runs smoothly on any device).

Here is why I use the Divi theme to build websites for my clients:

divi customization options

1. Customizations

The Divi theme allows the web designer to fully customize the look and feel of the website in ways that traditional WordPress themes do not.

Whereas traditional WordPress themes tend to be restrictive in terms of allowing the designer to create various types of layouts, Divi is a drag-and-drop page-builder theme that allows the creation of a seeming infinite amount of layout possibilities. The flexibility is unlike any theme I’ve seen before.

As a visual designer, I thoroughly dislike being forced into cookie-cutter layouts that don’t allow me to tweak them. Divi’s vast customization options allow me to design custom-made pages until they look exactly how my clients and I want them to look.

no coding required

2. No coding required

Yes, I do know HTML and CSS. Yes, I’ve built static websites websites from scratch before. However, coding is not my forte. Definitely not PHP coding, definitely. I can understand PHP but building dynamic websites is a bit beyond my skill level.

This is why I was originally drawn to Divi. Most of the themes I kept seeing out there tended to be extremely restrictive in terms of what I could and could not design my way. I got frustrated thinking my lack of technical WordPress skills were always going to impede me in my design profession. Then a chance encounter with Divi showed me just how powerful it was and what could be done with it (pretty much anything), and I haven’t looked back since.

Divi’s page-builder allows you to edit anything, from font to background to image filters to spacing, and much more in between.

the divi visual builder

3. The visual builder

What makes Divi so powerful, then? Its visual builder. This is where the magic happens, as you can build web pages intuitively with a user-friendly front-end visual builder that helps you design your web pages exactly how you want them, without having to go into the back-end. What you see is what you get, literally.

divi responsive web design builder

4. Responsive design

And it’s not just “what you see is what you get” on your desktop, either. The visual builder helps you determine how your design is going to look on desktop view, tablet view and mobile view, to make it attractive for your visitors at any resolution. Indeed, you have complete control over your website in all dimensions. Your visitors therefore have a great browsing experience, whether they come to your website on their computer, tablet or cellphone.

divi child themes and layout packs

5. Child themes and layout packs

Child themes are a must-have for every WordPress website using a commercial theme, because updates to the main theme will erase whatever custom CSS was previously added. Child themes can be just that: custom CSS that modifies the main theme. But it can be more than that. A child theme can include PHP pages as well.

Layout packs are page designs created externally that are exported by their designer and then imported into your own website. Unlike child themes, though, the designs are not site-wide.

The Divi community is so huge that a lot of talented developers and designers have created beautiful child themes and layout packs for use by everyone. This has resulted in some truly breathtaking designs that truly make you realize the sheer designing power of Divi.

divi woocommerce store customized product pages

6. WooCommerce integration

WordPress ain’t just a blogging platform anymore. One of the most important plugins in the WordPress repository is WooCommerce, which makes it possible to build a store on your WordPress installation. Divi’s WooCommerce integration (and the recent update that makes product pages fully editable) makes it possible to alter the look of your store’s pages to look exactly how you want. Powerful customization options make Divi a true contender in the WordPress themes arena.

divi branding possibilities

7. Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business’s presence online and offline. Not just any one specific thing, it encapsulates everything a company is and stands for. From the logo design to the choice of colours and fonts, all the way to copywriting style, branding is a company’s entire reason for being, and is applied to every piece of messaging that the company puts forth. This can mean stationary, business cards, flyers, PowerPoint presentations, billboards, web banners, website design, and much more.

Divi allows businesses to fully customize the branding of their website, including allowing the designer to change the colours, fonts, and logo to begin with, along with complete control over the layout and object placement. The website can then truly fit the image that the company wants to put forth.

I’ve experienced several themes before and, while many tend to offer font, logo and colour options, several do not offer complete customization control over the final look and feel of the website. They instead tend to lock designers into a finite number of layout options.



Like it or not, Divi is one of the most complete and powerful tools in a web designer’s arsenal. The seemingly endless customization options alone were enough to sway me in its favour several years ago, and with each content update I am awed. Moreover, when I saw what other creatives were able to make with Divi I was convinced that this was a theme I could stick with. Then I met Divi’s uber talented community and how they helped each other, and it sealed the deal for me.

I’ve been with Divi for more than 5 years now, and I’m with it for the long run.

What other WordPress themes have you played with and what’s been your experience with it?


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