Leclerc Rosenthal Mayer Moreau, Lawyers

Leclerc Rosenthal Mayer Moreau, Lawyers

There were plenty of reasons for Leclerc Rosenthal Mayer Moreau Avocats to get a facelift. Their website, originally built in the early 2000’s, was starting to show its age and not quite doing its job of clearly directing its users where they wanted to go. Online visitors needed the reassurance that this multidisciplinary firm had survived the test of time, reaf-firm-ed itself (see what I did there?), and they needed reasons to choose an attorney from this firm.

The solution was to give the firm’s website a much-needed facelift. Research told me that the target market was curious, intellectual, and interested in clear information.

The firm prides itself on its news, publications and team members. Devising a way to showcase the blog and the large amount of staff in a way that wouldn’t be tedious was critical. An example of a solution offered: the front page would show a few news, and the humongous staff list would be filterable by specialization, cutting down on time spent looking for someone to contact regarding a specific case.

There is room for improvement with this design, but it’s a start for now.


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